upholstery fabric

Carving Negative Space (2011)

mixed media art piece in medicine cabinet

Carving Negative Space was created for Painting II, for a Joseph Cornell box assignment. I went to area thrift shops and found initial inspiration in the electric knife sharpener. A variety of feelings and thoughts were stirred by the appliance, which I saw as having a past life in the kitchen of somebody’s parents. I then worked with the arrangement of objects and expressive marks around these ideas of childhood, the lost past, and absence of the present.

25½ in by 29 in by 5 in, acrylic paint, oil paint, gouache, acrylic polymer gel, wax crayon, oil pastel, mirror, chip brush, garden hose valve, kitchen towel, upholstery fabric, drawer knob, latex balloon, electric knife sharpener, electric wire, plastic book spiral, plastic medicine bottle, nail, paper, in wooden medicine cabinet, 2011.

For Sale: $550 USD

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Ear Against Its Hive (2011)

mixed media painting on chair cushion by Chris Lockhart

This mixed media piece is directly related to the Strawberry series; it too is inspired by the Billy Collins poem ‘Introduction to Poetry’ and uses the idea of strawberries to do that.

20 in by 18 in, acrylic, upholstery fabric, plastic, and twine on chair cushion, 2011.

Symptomatic (2011)

mixed media art by Chris Lockhart with fatigue, monotony, and accidents

I purchased a several sample books of upholstery fabric at the local Habitat for Humanity store. They’ve been very useful in collages. The first piece using these consisted almost entirely of 1 inch square cutouts from the books arranged on a 10 by 8 grid, almost like a quilt. I don’t think it was the most creative use of the materials, but it got me started. Some text was added from the chapter of a book using acrylic gel transfer. “Fatigue, monotony, and accidents” expressed somewhat how I felt about the semester at that point. The execution of this piece is really pretty rough, but I think there’s some merit to the idea.

10 in by 8 in acrylic, fabric and gel transfer on paper, 2011.