Position Set in Motion (2011)

mixed media artwork by Chris Lockhart

One of my first uses of an acrylic gel transfer, Position Set in Motion was created during the Mixed Media course at Brevard College. Two benefits of gel transfer over direct collage are that it is transparent and that it allows the imagery to be warped. In this piece, phrases have been separated from each other by the distortion, like snippets of memory: “books of poetry”, “for us to feel”, and “doing more than brushing the surface.” A 1970s photograph of a mother speaking to her daughter in a kitchen is the clearest image, which has been transferred on top of brush marks and then itself further painted over. Empty lines, like ruled notebook paper, fill the area were text is notably absent.

12 in by 9 in, acrylic, paint, and gel transfer on canvas board, 2011.

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Strawberry Extraction (2011)

painting by Chris Lockhart on stained canvas.

During mixed media class, I made a series of 3 paintings inspired by the Billy Collins poem “Introduction to Poetry.” I was inspired by a series of monoprints made with rotting bananas by the artist Dieter Roth. I wrapped up two pounds of strawberries in canvas tied up tight with twine. The bundle was then placed in Kings Creek for ten days under a bridge weighed down by a piece of broken concrete. After the canvas was dry, I selected an area for the character and composition of the stains, cropped it, stretched it, and coated it with polymer gel to protect the stains and surface.

18 in by 15 in, acrylic, library card on stained canvas, 2011.

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