Sliced Dreams (2011)

sculpture by Chris Lockhart

This piece was created for a found object assignment in Sculpture I at Brevard College. At a second hand shop, I found a home deli meat slicer and knew that I had my object. The quote-shaped part that housed the gears inspired the rest of the design. The metal guard at the bottom has a unique reflective quality, like seeing things through a dream-like haze that mixes past and present. The plywood circles are curved to resemble slices of pepperoni, referring back to the object’s original purpose.

20 in by 18 in by 9 in, acrylic paint, plywood, food slicer parts, 2011.

Corkscrew (2011)

painting by Chris Lockhart of fork and corkscrew in metallic reflective surface

In Painting II, we had a project to create a still life of reflective objects that were silver or otherwise without a distinctive hue. I arranged a chrome gravy boat, a fork, a corkscrew, and a few other objects precariously and set to work. One of the greater difficulties was that the difference in light throughout the day, because two sides of the painting studio are full length windows. And then, three days before the painting was due the still life fell apart so that I had to put it back together. The reflections were now all rearranged. I painted furiously, working and reworking. The renewed physical energy and sense of urgency gave the painting a sense of life that it didn’t have before and it actually benefited from the mishap.

39 in by 24, acrylic on canvas, 2011.

For Sale: $300 USD