Another World Inside the Walls (2012)

Another World Inside the Walls recalls a fantasy world to which I would dream of escaping through the wall of my bedroom when I was a child. I wanted to evoke both the landscape as well as the emotional dream-like quality. A large grasshopper in the second panel invites looking for images and their juxtaposition. Throughout I’ve included images of Alice and the Caterpillar, famous of his “Who are you?” question, a series of 19th century European houses, a farmer woman holding back a cow in Julien Dupre’s painting In The Pasture, as well various passages from books regarding childhood, emotional development, and the role of imagination.

The style here reflects my research at the time into the work of Joan Mitchell and Willem de Kooning. Despite the strength of the influences, this was one of first paintings where I truly and deeply felt involved and invested in the process.

48 in by 80 in, acrylic and mixed media on masonite, 2012.

For Sale: $1619 USD

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Strawberry Poem (2011)

mixed media painting by Chris Lockhart with chair.

During mixed media class, I made a series of 3 paintings inspired by the Billy Collins poem “Introduction to Poetry,’ in which he describes a difficulty found in teaching poetry. He also describes a way I like to think about art as experience and a means of expression. A line from this poem, “press an ear against its hive,” was written in a few pages of my sketchbook as a reminder of what I hope to accomplish.

15 in by 18 in, acrylic, gel transfer, and paper on canvas, 2011.

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Bubble Pop (2012)

Bubble Pop AchicanoyBubble Pop DavidBubble Pop Arango
Bubble Pop GranadoBubble Pop ColombiaBubble Pop Gil
Bubble Pop OsorioBubble Pop PoloBubble Pop Lopez

A series of monoprints using a handmade woodcut that I carved, derived from a photo of a collection of soda bottles. I selected three bottles from the photo and tried a variety of toxic methods of transferring the image to the surface of the wood. I ran a series of prints through the press, with too much pressure, and the woodblock split in half. This unexpected event allowed me to flip the top and bottom, creating a much more interesting image.

The titles are, left to right starting at the top: Bubble Pop Achicanoy, Bubble Pop David, Bubble Pop Arango, Bubble Pop Granado, Bubble Pop Colombia, Bubble Pop Gil, Bubble Pop Osorio, Bubble Pop Polo, and Bubble Pop Lopez.

Each about 8 in by 7½ in, ink on paper, 2012.

For Sale: $35 USD each

Symptomatic (2011)

mixed media art by Chris Lockhart with fatigue, monotony, and accidents

I purchased a several sample books of upholstery fabric at the local Habitat for Humanity store. They’ve been very useful in collages. The first piece using these consisted almost entirely of 1 inch square cutouts from the books arranged on a 10 by 8 grid, almost like a quilt. I don’t think it was the most creative use of the materials, but it got me started. Some text was added from the chapter of a book using acrylic gel transfer. “Fatigue, monotony, and accidents” expressed somewhat how I felt about the semester at that point. The execution of this piece is really pretty rough, but I think there’s some merit to the idea.

10 in by 8 in acrylic, fabric and gel transfer on paper, 2011.

Flat Ladder (2010)

acrylic painting on canvas by Chris Lockhart

In Painting I, we had a project inspired by analytic cubism. While we did research on Picasso, Braque, and Léger. In addition to those, I took a particular look at Juan Gris and his color palette. With the mixes of paint, I also threw in handfuls of mulch and sand to create texture. The texture created by the mulch is nice and I would like to work with these sorts of additives again.

24 in by 36 in acrylic, mulch and sand on canvas, 2010.