4 a.m. (2012)

collage artwork by Chris Lockhart

I poured several layers of a fleshy-peach colored acrylic gesso until it was very thick with a bubbly mud sort of texture. I begin with an abstract line drawing using a deep blue oil paint, which was inspired be a recent viewing of The Kitchen by Picasso seen at the High Museum of Art. Color was brought in, lines were moved and shapes developed. On side note this is my first painting to use a true vermilion pigment, which took me a while to find at an affordable price.

12 in by 16 in, oil and acrylic on masonite, 2012.

For Sale: $172 USD

Glass Bottle in Charcoal (2008)

charcoal drawing of glass bottle by Christopher Limeade.

A basic drawing illustrating transparency for Drawing I at A-B Tech in Asheville. This was one of my first drawings in charcoal, which intimidated me at first. However, I cam to really enjoy the fluid nature of charcoal and the expressiveness that provides. This is especially true in contrast to pen and ink, which I found to be inherently technical and not as readily expressive.