brevard college

Sliced Dreams (2011)

sculpture by Chris Lockhart

This piece was created for a found object assignment in Sculpture I at Brevard College. At a second hand shop, I found a home deli meat slicer and knew that I had my object. The quote-shaped part that housed the gears inspired the rest of the design. The metal guard at the bottom has a unique reflective quality, like seeing things through a dream-like haze that mixes past and present. The plywood circles are curved to resemble slices of pepperoni, referring back to the object’s original purpose.

20 in by 18 in by 9 in, acrylic paint, plywood, food slicer parts, 2011.

Position Set in Motion (2011)

mixed media artwork by Chris Lockhart

One of my first uses of an acrylic gel transfer, Position Set in Motion was created during the Mixed Media course at Brevard College. Two benefits of gel transfer over direct collage are that it is transparent and that it allows the imagery to be warped. In this piece, phrases have been separated from each other by the distortion, like snippets of memory: “books of poetry”, “for us to feel”, and “doing more than brushing the surface.” A 1970s photograph of a mother speaking to her daughter in a kitchen is the clearest image, which has been transferred on top of brush marks and then itself further painted over. Empty lines, like ruled notebook paper, fill the area were text is notably absent.

12 in by 9 in, acrylic, paint, and gel transfer on canvas board, 2011.

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King Creek (2010)

acrylic on paper painting by Chris Lockhartacrylic on paper painting by Chris Lockhart

These two acrylic paintings are of King Creek on the Brevard College campus. We had an assignment in Painting I to make use of a warm color in a cool way and a cool color in a warm way. I can’t say I was really successful, but I think that’s because I was thinking too much about it. I still have a lot to learn about color, but I think that by just playing with colors intuitively and randomly that I’ve learned a lot in the past two years. Josef Albers felt that an intellectual understanding of color theory is helpful, but experience is much more important. I believe I agree.

each 10 in by 8 in, acrylic on bristol board, 2010.

Chapel on the Lake (2010)

acrylic painting on paper by Chris Lockhart

I took a series of photos at Lake Junaluska, a retreat and community primarily of the United Methodist Church. The Memorial Chapel is the most photographed building at Lake Junaluska, and I continued that tradition. In Painting I at Brevard College, we were asked to learn about the Fauvists for their use of color and then create our own painting under that influence. For the sake of composition, I found it necessary to modify the chapel considerably. There was certainly freedom to do so; I’d already changed the grey stone to a bright orange. Throughout the work, I tried to consider color relationships of adjacent areas. Unfortunately, I feel that this locked me into very “primary” colors, like a box of 8 crayons.

24 in by 32; in acrylic on paper, 2010.