One Foot (2012)

painting by Chris Lockhart

I started with a photo of Goldie Hawn reading the newspaper, with her feet propped up on the breakfast table. I cut out her foot and pasted it to a small canvas upright like the statues on Easter Island. The pointing hand of St John the Baptist in Matthias Grünewald’s Isenheim Altarpiece was then added to the right side of the image. I balanced this out with a small square of text to the upper right corner, but later removed that in favor of the open space. The image was worked out on the smaller surface and then recreated on this larger canvas.

45 in by 35in, oil on canvas, 2012.

For Sale: $756 USD

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Wild Beasts Will Be Wild Beasts (2011)

oil painting by Chris Lockhart

In Painting III, we were tasked with creating a painting inspired by the Greek myth of Icarus. In addition to the fall of Icarus as a consequence of his pride and arrogance, I also wanted to approach the idea that Icarus was really very small in greater scheme of things. Not only was he small, but so was his plight.

23 in by 15 in, oil on canvas, 2011.

For Sale: $247 USD

Position Set in Motion (2011)

mixed media artwork by Chris Lockhart

One of my first uses of an acrylic gel transfer, Position Set in Motion was created during the Mixed Media course at Brevard College. Two benefits of gel transfer over direct collage are that it is transparent and that it allows the imagery to be warped. In this piece, phrases have been separated from each other by the distortion, like snippets of memory: “books of poetry”, “for us to feel”, and “doing more than brushing the surface.” A 1970s photograph of a mother speaking to her daughter in a kitchen is the clearest image, which has been transferred on top of brush marks and then itself further painted over. Empty lines, like ruled notebook paper, fill the area were text is notably absent.

12 in by 9 in, acrylic, paint, and gel transfer on canvas board, 2011.

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Carving Negative Space (2011)

mixed media art piece in medicine cabinet

Carving Negative Space was created for Painting II, for a Joseph Cornell box assignment. I went to area thrift shops and found initial inspiration in the electric knife sharpener. A variety of feelings and thoughts were stirred by the appliance, which I saw as having a past life in the kitchen of somebody’s parents. I then worked with the arrangement of objects and expressive marks around these ideas of childhood, the lost past, and absence of the present.

25½ in by 29 in by 5 in, acrylic paint, oil paint, gouache, acrylic polymer gel, wax crayon, oil pastel, mirror, chip brush, garden hose valve, kitchen towel, upholstery fabric, drawer knob, latex balloon, electric knife sharpener, electric wire, plastic book spiral, plastic medicine bottle, nail, paper, in wooden medicine cabinet, 2011.

For Sale: $550 USD

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Do Not Do Nothing (2011)

mixed media painting by artist Chris Lockhart.

Guillaume de Machaut is one of my absolute favorite composers. He was a composer of religious and secular pieces of polyphonic music in the 14th Century. Along with Josquin de Prez of the 15th century, Machaut was really the start of my interest in medieval culture. The modern day recordings we have of Machaut’s music are so wonderfully textural and beautiful that they are a frequent choice while I am painting. I wanted to produce a work in tribute of Machaut and this is it. I really don’t feel that it does the subject justice, so I plan to produce more in the future.

15¾ in by 12 in, acrylic and polymer gel transfer on wood panel, 2011.

For Sale: $155 USD

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Tea Tin with Aspirin (2008)

pencil drawing of tea tin with aspirin bottle by Christopher Limeade.

Our ongoing homework for Drawing I at A-B Tech in the Spring 2008 semester was to sketch various objects quickly using pencil or charcoal. This drawing is graphite pencil on paper. I found pencil more challenging than charcoal, so I tended to use it more frequently. It was also less messy. I drink a lot of tea and usually buy loose tea in tins, because it is cheaper and tends to have a more rich flavor. Needless to say, I have a lot of tea tins.