Turning Red (2012)

red atmospheric oil painting by Chris Lockhart

I wanted to do a monochromatic nonrepresentational painting that was all about a single hue in which I could explore a variety of pigments within that hue. And so, this one is red. I really became upset with it after a while, because it became so atmospheric and yet that’s what it wanted to be.

36 in by 36 in, oil on bed-sheet and masonite, 2012.

For Sale: $645 USD

Cowboy Mandala (2012)

acrylic painting by Chris Lockhart

Inspired by a visit from Tibetan Buddhist Monks, we had an assignment in Painting III to paint our own mandala. I had difficulty with this project, because I didn’t like the idea of arranging icons or painting a clean design. However, i did enjoy designing the structure with a compass. The whole design is based on circles; I used the intersections of these circles as points to draw the lines. I then went over each section multiple times building up layers of drips, which allowed me to feel like the highly structured painting had a human element.

36 in by 36 in, acrylic on canvas, 2012.

For Sale: $645 USD