Haywood in Asheville (2009)

acrylic painting of Haywood Road in downtown Asheville by Chris Lockhart

This was the final project in Painting I at A-B Tech. I consider this my first decent painting where I felt like I had accomplished something worthwhile. It was also my first painting on masonite, which I really prefer over canvas. I like that it is firm and doesn’t bounce around when I paint on it. I started with a series of photos that I shot in downtown Asheville, during an afternoon rain. I chose one, cropped it, and then sketched out the image on the surface using a projector. Most of the actual painting was done with the painting flat on the floor, while I stood over it with a brush in one hand and a dinner plate of paints in the other. This painting now hangs at my grandmother’s.

24 in by 36 in, acrylic and molding paste on masonite, 2009.

1st place 2D in the 2010 A-B Tech Student Art Exhibition at the Asheville Art Museum

Nature Still Life (2008)

pen and ink drawing of nature still life

The still life was built inside a shoebox using objects found around the campus, and then drawn using micro pens. I didn’t really enjoy working with the pens; they were too hard and precise. The previous project was with charcoal, which I find much more fluid and responsive.

11 in by 8 in, ink on paper, 2008.

Canton Clock Shop 2 (2010)

drawing of Main Street in Canton, NC by Chris Lockhart with ink, gouache and brush

Across Main Street from our apartment was a tienda Mexicana that I went to frequently, and on the corner was an old clockshop where they sold and repaired clocks and watches. For a perspective assignment in Drawing II at A-B Tech, I decided to draw a series of images of this block. The perspective in this drawing emphasizes the clockshop, though the tienda Mexicana is just down the street. Another drawing focused on the tienda, which the owner now displays on the wall behind the counter. The paper is a cornflower paper, which has blue petals embedded.

12 in by 19½ in, ink and gouache on cornflower paper, 2010.