Canton Hair Salon (2010)

drawing of Main Street in Canton, NC by Chris Lockhart with ink, gouache and brush

Across Main Street from our apartment was a tienda Mexicana that I went to frequently, and on the corner was an old clockshop where they sold and repaired clocks and watches. For a perspective assignment in Drawing II at A-B Tech, I decided to draw a series of images of this block. The perspective in this drawing emphasizes the clockshop. The paper is a cornflower paper, which has blue petals embedded.

12 in by 19½ in, ink and gouache on cornflower paper, 2010.

Just This Way (2012)

red and green figurative ink monoprint by Chris Lockhart

I found the figure in a magazine and really liked the sense of contemplation and reverie and wanted to see if that would still be present if he was reduced to a silhouette. The green ink was added next to give him a surface to walk on as well as make some small reference to the old Mille Borne playing cards.

8 in by 6 in, ink monoprint on paper, 2012.

Bobby Boogie (2012)

red, blue, and yellow ink monoprint by Chris Lockhart

A red, blue, and yellow ink monoprint, Bobby Boogie is one of my first prints from Printmaking I. The red was applied using a technique I developed at about 15 years old of pulling an inked string through two pieces of paper pressed together.

6 in by 7 in, ink monoprint on paper, 2012.