Dear Miss Manners (2009)

collage-based painting by Chris Lockhart.

One of the first projects from Painting I at A-B Tech involved producing a collage and then reproducing it with acrylic paint as accurately as possible. I utilized magazines, catalogs, and a book of historical chess games. Also, I smudged charcoal across the surface of the collage with my fingers and brush strokes. The collage began with the the phrase “We live where you live,” which I believe was from an advertisement. It was supposed to be a good thing but it sounded creepy to me, so I built the rest of the collage around that phrase and the interpretation.

20 in by 16 in, acrylic on canvas, 2009.

Porter Center in Charcoal (2008)

charcoal drawing of the Porter Center.

Final project in Drawing I at A-B Tech, an on-site drawing of a building in the medium of our choice. I chose to draw the Porter Center in Brevard using charcoal. I really appreciated the expressive and natural qualities of charcoal. I like its personality.

charcoal on tinted Canson paper, 2008.

Night Shift with India Ink (2008)

value and composition study with india ink on paper..

This is a composition using value exercise from Design I at A-B Tech in the fall of 2008. We began with a basic grid and then wrote across the grid in pencil, placing one letter in each square. After that, india Ink was brushed into shapes created by the letterforms. The intention was to create a pleasing and balanced composition that expressed emotion through visual texture and arrangement of value.

india ink on watercolor paper, 2008.

Tea Tin with Aspirin (2008)

pencil drawing of tea tin with aspirin bottle by Christopher Limeade.

Our ongoing homework for Drawing I at A-B Tech in the Spring 2008 semester was to sketch various objects quickly using pencil or charcoal. This drawing is graphite pencil on paper. I found pencil more challenging than charcoal, so I tended to use it more frequently. It was also less messy. I drink a lot of tea and usually buy loose tea in tins, because it is cheaper and tends to have a more rich flavor. Needless to say, I have a lot of tea tins.